Todool is a Node based Task Editor and tries to replace existing solutions for task management - bringing it down to minimum of editing text, states and tracking progress.

I used to have multiple .todo files per project laying around and got sick of managing all files, styles and projects independently. So I needed an application that could hold all my tasks reliably and be more powerful than raw text ever could be.

Current solutions like Trello are bound to the web or use electron.

Technical Features:
- antialised vector graphics
- undo / redo history

Editor Features:
- intuitive ui based on the tree
- movement always the same across the whole tree
- tree is based on different sub types (SubText, SubColor, SubF32)
- strict casing style (auto uppercases task with children)

- Todool - main environment
- Options - configurable values
- Theme - configurable colors used in the editor
- Shortcuts - configurable shortcuts (key combination string + command)
- Cut - temporary place for cut tasks
- Search - temporary place for searched results

Made using Odin lang and:
- nanovg

I hope to release Todool this year

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