Todool is a Node based Task Editor and tries to replace existing solutions for task management - bringing it down to minimum of editing text, states and tracking progress.

I used to have multiple .todo files per project laying around and got sick of managing all files, styles and projects independently. So I needed an application that could hold all my tasks reliably and be more powerful than raw text ever could be.

Current solutions like Trello are bound to the web or use electron.

Technical Features:
- cached software renderer - only redraws on different commands
- frame independent input - can run at low fps and still look & feel good
- undo / redo history
- custom ui - api inspired by raygui
- const low memory usage

Editor Features:
- multiple draw modes (TopDown, Kanban)
- uniform movement between draw modes
- coherent commands based on parent / child task / text nodes
- strict casing style (auto uppercases task with children)
- notification system like logging
- command prompt

Made using Odin lang and:
- SDL2
- stb truetype
- Enet

I hope to release Todool this year. I've got a few big things I want to try out first though.

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