Hey everyone, i have 2 weeks of vacation so i plan to work more on Todool these weeks.

I opened a Discord if anyone is interested on following Development more closely there.

The design decision of sticking to Trees + different Sub Node Types holds up really nicely. Through that the editor starts to feel really solid. So thinking about the design of the project you're making is something I'd really suggest, otherwhise you'll end up like me abondoning ideas completly and having to start over. That's why the project has gone on for so long.

I implemented multiple Views (only vertical) as well, in which you can open trees independently and focus on them.
The search mechanism was recently in a Tree too, which i thought was clever but didnt quite work out. So instead I pulled that out into its own mechanism + keymapping.
Same thing with the (Date) Time Tree, which presented uneditable data in a tree. The idea was that you could open that in a split, but thats quite useless. Now I've been thinking of making something like a vim bottom bar in case you want to see other kinds of data quickly. Maybe holding shift will expand that bottom bar / hide it, since shift isnt used in the editor.

Also recorded some showcase + working on Task Pointers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZAVyqv7sEI

PS: if you only use the forum, you can stay up to date with videos / gifs that i send by clicking on my profile