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Welcome to Todool

I've been working on this project since August 2019 in my free time. I started prototyping with Raylib, afterwards I wanted to go more lower level and started implementing rxi's cached software renderer. Took a bit of time but at the end I'm happy with it.

Remember I work on this project alone, so progress is slow. You can follow my progress on Twitter, I will use the blogs here to show more of the technical / code aspects.

Suggestions are welcome on the forum or general discussion.

This week i worked on implementing networking for collaboration in the editor. I want it to be kind of live, i.e. Google Docs. It's coming along slowly, still goes out of sync a few times. My idea is to sync all users to the host file, simulate key / mouse input across the network.

Simon Anciaux,

In the project page you say
frame independent input - can run at low fps and still look & feel good

Could you elaborate on what this entails ? How did you test if it's working ?
Skytrias | Michael Kutowski, Edited by Skytrias | Michael Kutowski on
I don't think it's anything special, I meant I'm using OS keyboard hold events, which means I can turn the fps down to 10fps, set animation speed quicker and input still feels the same. You fps and input still has to feel good obviously.

I don't see a lot of programs doing this so I thought I'll mention it.